Outdoor Colors is one of the largest product surface technology companies in the marketplace. Our process is fully automated and licensed for hydrographic printing technologies and we are a major supplier to original equipment manufacturers throughout North America.

The Gravure-Printing Method

The pattern or design is gravure-printed on a water-soluble film.

Which means the pattern is rolled through a 2 rotary cylinders into the dip tank. This method is widely used for large volume printing.

Film Activation

As the pattern flows through the gravure cylinders, it is activated.

Which means the pattern is being prepared for liquefaction, taking the pattern from a solid state to a liquid state. To allow for the object to be submerged into the pattern.

Film Transfer To The Object

Once the pattern has exited the gravure cylinders it floats on top of the heated water. Once the pattern has a mirror finish, the object that is to be decorated is ready to be hydro-dipped.

The Bathing Process

After the pattern has adhered to the object. It has to be washed throughly to remove excess film and to be sure no film is left over for the drying process.

The Drying Process

After the object has been washed throughly. It has to dry before the top layer coat can be applied to the object.

Clear Coat Protectant

Once the object is dried, the object goes down the assembly line into a paint booth. Which then applies a top layer coat of high quality clear coat for protection.

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